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Investing in the Faith of Future Generations



A faith truly understood and lived in the world has immense power to transform. The vitality and effectiveness of our ministries of formation and education, therefore, are critical to the future of our faith.

Through the work of parishes, schools, and formation programs, thousands of people each year are formed in our faith. They grow closer to Christ and then evangelize, spreading the hope and joy of the Gospel to their families, neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces.

Yet as the world and culture rapidly change, so too should our methods and energies around formation and education in the faith. Through the tireless work of hundreds of educators and leaders, tens of thousands of people have encountered their faith — but more needs to be done. New approaches, techniques, and innovations must be implemented so future generations of people will better understand and live out their faith boldly.

By investing in parish and diocesan schools, parish religious education programs, and our ministries on college campuses throughout the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, we will inspire young people to learn more about their faith and provide them with the foundation to live vibrant lives as faith-filled adults.

Young people grow into societal leaders who propel renewal through our communities and cities. A faith understood and lived becomes a joyful witness — a powerful testimony to our hope in Jesus.

Your Gift Will

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Enhance the Catholic Education Endowment

Provide increased access to the high-quality education Catholic schools provide, regardless of a family’s ability to pay, through tuition assistance.


Train and Empower Those Teaching the Faith

Train catechists and invest in technologies to more effectively implement evangelization programs and form disciples through new and modern ways to teach God’s love.


Increase Outreach on College Campuses

Enable college students to deepen their relationship with God by having an increased presence on campuses in Southern California.

Final Quote

As Director of the Office of Religious Education, I am blessed with the chance to hear people talk about their passion for Scripture and to help them understand it, so that they can share that passion with others. This is where we meet Christ. We meet Christ in the Word. It all began with the Apostles telling the story of Jesus. And through that sharing, people came to faith.

Fr. Chris Bazyouros

Director, Office of Religious Education