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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • What is the Called to Renew campaign?

    Called to Renew is a capital and endowment campaign raising a goal of $500 million to elevate parishes; strengthen ministerial outreach; support vocations and seminarian education; and provide additional funding for scholarships to Catholic schools, religious education, and college campus ministries.

  • Why is this campaign needed?

    The campaign is an historic opportunity to boldly renew the ways in which we live out our faith as missionary disciples in our communities. At the center of this renewal are the parishes and missions that make up our Archdiocese, most of which were built more than 60 years ago. Improvements in facilities and technology will create more inviting environments for worship and community.

  • Why are we doing this campaign now?

    We are the beneficiaries of the foresight and generosity of past generations who have helped to establish and build our parishes and schools over the past two centuries. It is time for renewal – and it is up to us to preserve and pass on what we have been blessed to inherit.

  • Which parishes are participating in the campaign?

    All parishes, missions, and Catholic centers in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles will participate in the campaign. Each has been assigned to a wave of activity and will campaign between July 2018 and June 2021.

Parish Benefits

  • How much money are parishes expected to raise?

    Each parish has been given a target goal for the campaign. Parish goals are set at 130% of the 2017 offertory (fiscal year) as reported to the Archdiocese by the parish. The parish target goal is simply that – a goal for which to aim. We are confident that parish goals are within reach for most every parish. We ask the parishes to do their best and follow the campaign plan.

  • Are parish goals an assessment?

    No, the campaign goal is not an assessment. All that we ask of each parish and pastor is to make a good faith effort to meet the goal. Assuming this is done, and the campaign plan is implemented, a parish will not be penalized.

  • How will my parish benefit from this campaign?

    The primary goals of the campaign are to help parishes fulfill their mission to serve others and to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Fifty percent of every dollar raised at each parish will be returned to the parish for its own needs. Once the goal is reached, the parish will receive 100% of each dollar collected above goal. This is a tremendous opportunity for parishes to expand and strengthen their ministries and programs. Parishes will also receive additional funds for their respective deferred maintenance needs.

  • When will parishes begin to receive their share of funds?

    The Archdiocese has set up parish investment accounts for monies received through the Called to Renew campaign. Parishes will receive their first distribution at the conclusion of their parish campaign. Parish funds will be distributed quarterly thereafter throughout the redemption period. Distributions will be based on cash collected will be deposited in special campaign Investment Pool accounts. Statements will be issued monthly and available on the ADLA Investment Pool website.

  • How will the campaign affect our parish offertory?

    Offertory giving is expected to remain steady. We do not ask parishioners to diminish giving to their parish. Rather, we ask them to consider a gift to the campaign above and beyond their regular offertory giving. Every effort will be made to remind families of the importance of continuing to support their parish, as well as Together in Mission. In the long term, campaigns such as these have helped increase parish offertory giving. Parishioners are encouraged to continue to embrace stewardship as a way of life and strengthen their vision of what it is to be a member of the Church.

  • Why shouldn’t I give solely to my parish instead?

    Parish stewardship and diocesan stewardship should not be either/or choices. No parish on its own can accomplish all its goals, and no diocese can succeed independent of its parishes. This collaboration allows the Catholic Church, as a whole, to accomplish the most that it possibly can in educational, charitable, and pastoral programs from each dollar contributed to both parish and diocesan appeals.

Giving to the Campaign

  • How is this campaign different from Together in Mission?

    The simplest way to think about this is to define the church as a home. Together in Mission and the weekly parish offertory are used to pay ongoing critical operating expenses such as salaries, insurance, utilities, etc., while campaign funds go towards larger periodic or one-time needs such as putting a new roof on the church, repaving the parking lot, or painting the exterior of the rectory. A recent facilities study confirmed that Archdiocesan parishes and schools require nearly $350 million in deferred maintenance needs.

  • How much should I give to the campaign?

    Families are asked to prayerfully consider making a five-year commitment over and above their regular offertory giving. It is our hope that every family will make a pledge to the campaign. We realize that everyone cannot pledge the same amount because we all have different financial circumstances. Therefore, we are seeking equal sacrifices rather than equal gifts. We ask that each family contribute a sacrificial gift that is meaningful to them.

  • Why are pledges encouraged instead of one-time donations?

    Pledge commitments over five years allow families to make more sacrificial gifts than they might otherwise be capable of making with a one-time gift. A larger contribution is easier to pay off over a period of time rather than out of pocket. Please note that pledges are not legally binding contracts, but rather a statement of what you intend to do.

  • Is a 10% initial payment required?

    No, but it is encouraged. The campaign seeks to raise funds for several capital projects. Parishes cannot start addressing capital needs until money is collected. Making an initial payment of 10% will help the Archdiocese and parishes to begin projects and repairs sooner. Also, an initial payment of any amount demonstrates your commitment to fulfilling your pledge.

  • How will pledges be collected?

    The Archdiocese has contracted with a vendor to receive payments and pledges, and will manage the redemption of gifts. The vendor will track pledges and gifts, and handle the payment reminders over the designated five-year pledge period. E-checks and credit/debit card payments are also accepted and encouraged.

  • Can I pay my pledge with an e-check or by credit/debit card?

    Yes. We encourage payments by E-check or credit/debit card. Using one of these payment methods saves significantly in postage over the five-year redemption period.

  • Do you accept other methods of payment?

    Called to Renew seeks to raise $500 million over a five-year period. To make fulfillment of pledges as easy as possible, we are accepting many forms of payment including, but not limited to: stock donations, IRA distributions, and corporate matching gifts. We will also accept bequests and other planned giving vehicles within guidelines. If you are interested in any of these, please indicate your preferred giving method on the pledge card and a campaign representative will follow up with you.

  • What is CCF-LA and how does it work?

    The Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles (CCF-LA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that provides professional philanthropic services to individuals and charitable organizations. Those with a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) may recommend grants from their DAF be directed to the Archdiocese to fulfill a Called to Renew campaign gift.

  • Can I make a matching gift with my employer?

    Yes, many corporations endeavor to match the charitable contributions of employees. Please contact your company’s human resources professional to determine if your company has a matching gift program.

  • What if a donor is unable to fulfill a commitment to the campaign?

    Donors are asked to sign pledge cards to indicate they have agreed to the terms of the gift. Pledges to Called to Renew are not legally binding. If your situation changes and you need to adjust your pledge amount or payment options, we ask that you contact the Development Office at (213) 637-7555. There are several options available to modify your pledge to accommodate your new circumstances.

Accountability & Transparency

  • Will any of these funds be used for items other than the established case elements?

    Absolutely not. The Archdiocese has both a legal and moral obligation to restrict these funds for the manner in which they are intended. The funds raised for the campaign will be used exclusively for the defined case elements. All gifts to the campaign are legally protected.

  • Will there be full reporting of the Campaign?

    Yes. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles will issue an annual audited financial report that will be available online at

  • What is the cost of a campaign of this magnitude?

    The estimated cost of this campaign relative to the financial goal is approximately five percent. The cost includes, but is not limited to: professional fundraising counsel, design and printing of marketing materials, video production, database management, gift acknowledgment and pledge fulfillment for all 303 parishes, missions and Catholic Centers in our Archdiocese. Campaign costs will be paid from the Archdiocesan portion of the campaign and are within industry standards for a campaign of this magnitude.

More Questions?

  • Contact Us

    We’re here to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to call us: (213) 637-7555

Statute of Limitations

In light of recent news about the expansion of the statute of limitations for sexual abuse victims, we wanted to reiterate that gifts to Called to Renew are restricted to the elements outlined in campaign materials for both parishes and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

A third-party vendor has been retained to ensure all campaign gifts are deposited into the appropriate parish and archdiocesan accounts as pledges are fulfilled. In addition, the archdiocesan Financial Services and Construction offices closely review how campaign funds are utilized to ensure gifts are solely used for the specified parish projects and ministries.

If you have any questions about the projects our parish has identified for its share of Called to Renew funds or the ministries that will benefit the Archdiocese as a whole, please contact the parish office.

October, 23 2019