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St. Hilary

Pico Rivera

Letter from the Pastor

Detalles de campaña

Nuestro objetivo parroquial


Comprometido más de 5 años para la campaña Llamado a renovar.

Nuestra parroquia recibe


Para renovar nuestra parroquia y fortalecer los ministerios.

Parish Needs

Air Conditioning in the Church, Hall, Rectory, and Offices

$150,000 Depending on the time of year, the temperature in the parish hall, rectory, and offices can get uncomfortable. Our church was built at a time when indoor cooling/heating was not common. We will install or repair the HVAC system in these structures once an engineering study is completed.


$46,000 The roof on the church rectory is past its useful life expectancy. From time to time, we experience leaks. Up until now we have made do by patching up sections. We can no longer put off repairs. We will replace the roof which keep further damage from happening.

Hall Bathroom Renovations

$38,250 Upgrading our hall restrooms can provide easier access, improved hygiene, and lower operating costs for our parish community. As part of the upgrades, our parish will expand the size of the restrooms to ensure they are ADA compliant and install baby-changing tables.

Parking Lot

$43,250 The parking lot is the first thing people see when they come on campus. It leaves a lot to be desired. We will use part of our Called to Renew funds to fill in the potholes and cracks and, where needed, completely resurface the parking lot. This will create a more welcoming and safer environment.

Rectory Renovations

$60,500 It is time for us to restore some of the beauty and luster to our church rectory with exterior paint, and building repairs. We will also remodel some of the non-residential rooms so they can be used by the parish community.

Sound System

$15,000 During Mass we celebrate the Liturgy of the Word, and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Sometimes it is difficult to hear parts of the Mass due to the inferior quality of our sound system. We will install a new sound system to improve the quality of sound during Mass.

Un plan Audaz de Renovación

Nosotros - los fieles católicos - somos los agentes de renovación para la Iglesia y la sociedad. Estoy agradecido por esta oportunidad de caminar junto con el clero y los feligreses en el fortalecimiento de nuestras parroquias y ministerios, el corazón de nuestra Arquidiócesis.
Archbishop José H. Gomez